The Power Booster

Since 2018 we have added the LiFePO4 Power Booster to our booster range. At only 1,5 kg this amazing unit delivers a unique power that will effortlessly start your diesel engines up to V8 4.5 liters or petrol engines up to 7.0 liters when your battery as unexpectedly drained itself flat. In addition, you can use to recharge your mobile phone, or run other 12V equipment such as led lights, air compressors, portable fridges and so on!

The Power Booster is equipped with a LifePO4 battery. It has become the “best-choice” of materials in commercial li-ion batteries for large capacity and high power applications, like laptops, powertools, wheelchars, e-bikes and e-cars! LiFePO4 cells and batteries not only have a high capacity, but can deliver as well high power! They are among the batteries with the longest life and are as safe as lead batteries. Apart from the high power, the low weight, the fast charging of the battery, and all the benefits of the LifePO4 technology, this booster only requires charging every six months!