Built-in fan cooled charger

AQ Tron® is constantly dedicated to the research and development of high technology battery chargers. From this point of view we have developped a new generation of high frequency charger with inverter technology which is able to supply a constant output current independently from the main supply power voltage: Built-in fan cooled charger. It is very important to maintain a constant current during the first step of the charging process, with aim to speed-up the charge of the battery and to prolong the life-span. Altough the charging current of the first step of charge is15-20% less than a traditional low frequency battery charger, with a constant current it is possible to charge in the battery the same energy amount with less time. It is also important to keep an accurate measurement of the battery voltage to ensure that the process of charge is correctly carried out with the correct voltage relative to the battery kind. For this purpose the Built-in fan cooled charger is equipped with a PCB board with microcontroller which optimizes the charging process. The microcontroller also points out any step that is acting and any anomaly that may occur. The technology used on this Built-in fan cooled charger allows to obtain high output power in a compact housing. It is possible to select up to 8 various types of charging curves to charge different kind of batteries: Lead-Acid, GEL, AGM, …