12V 5A Smart charger

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  1. General Details

    This microprocessor controlled battery chargers don’t only charge your batteries correctly, but also prolong the battery life!


    1. Desulfation: recovers a deep discharged or lightly sulfated battery.
    2. Fast charge: the battery will be charged up to 75 % in the fastest and most efficient way.
    3. Equalisation: when the battery is charged for 75%, the charger switches to a charge mode which charges the battery in a safe way.
    4. End charge: the battery will be fully charged without over-charging!
    5. Maintenance: makes that the battery stays fully charged.

    These chargers are appropriate for charging 12V batteries: SLI / VRLA / GEL / AGM / Calcium-Calcium / Spiral Cell.

    Automatic battery charger, suitable to charge 4 batteries simultanously

    Appropriate for maintenance charges, recovery charges and standard charges. For lead acid batteries: SLI, open lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries (MF), AGM-batteries and GEL batteries, …

    • Microprocessor controlled.
    • LED indication: red & green.
    • Protected from: reversed polarity, sparks and overcharges.
    • Stable output.
    • Less warmth consumption.
    • Input voltage: 220Vac-240Vac
    • Output voltage: 12Vdc
    • Size: 350 x 190 x 75 mm
  2. Technical info
    Voltage 12
    Capacity 5A
    Dimensions (X x Y x H) 350 x 190 x 75 mm
    Weight (kg) 8,6
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