12/24V 25A Smart charger

  1. General Details

    12V/24V Compatibility, Memory Function, Fully Interactive, MCU controlled program, Fast Charging Technology, Power Factor Correction, Complete Protection, All Types of Battery, Abnormally protection, Recovery Mode, Extendable Connectors, Cold/AGM Mode.

    • Battery Voltage: 12V / 24V
    • Voltage selection: Automatic
    • Min-Max capacity of battery for charging: 50-450A(12v) / 25-230A(24v)
    • Max. battery capacity for maintenance: 500A
    • Charging current (Amp.): 12V 25A ±10% – 24V 12,5A ±10%
    • Battery types: WET, MF, GEL, …
    • Charging program: Constant current,constant voltage
    • Ambient temperature, output is reduced automatically at high temp: Reduced output power at higher temperature
    • IP Protection: IP44 (Fan version)
  2. Technical info
    Voltage 12/24V
    Capacity 25A
    Dimensions (X x Y x H) 305 x 135 x 70 mm
    Weight (kg) 2,22
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