Triphase multivoltage recognition

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  1. General Details

    Recognizes automatically and adapts the voltage of the connected battery

    • 1phase 230Vac ± 10% (HFK), 50-60Hz / 3phase 400Vac ± 10% (HFT), 50-60Hz
    • Full programming through integrated Display
    • 2 desulphating programs with constant current available (dSa: automatic V detection + timer; dSM: manual V setting + timer) + 1 charging profile program suitable for any battery type (PzS, PzV, AGM, etc.)
    • Optional: Stand-alone holder.
  2. Technical info
    Voltage Capacity
    2V 30A
    6V 15A
    8V 15A
    10V 65A
    12V 65A
    24V 65A
    36V 65A
    48V 50A
    60V 65A
    72V 65A
    80V 40A
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