Super MiniBooster

The smallest booster of the world!

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  1. General Details

    The smallest booster of the world!

    • The smallest and most light weight Super-Mini-Booster in the World. The product adopts instant strong discharged battery. This new product is only 4.9 kilograms. Only small storage space is needed. Easy for anyone to use.
    • The product can instantly start the engine even with a dead battery withoutthe assistance from another engine. This latest version of the Super MiniBooster also delivers the best performance in very cold weather circumstances. The powerful 1200 Ampere can directly and instantly start up to 4500 cc 12V Gasoline or Diesel vehicles. If you connect 2 Super-MiniBoosters together, it will become powerful 2400 Ampere or which can start 24V Diesel trucks.
    • The product ensures the engine computer system will not be damaged or return the digital records to Zero when restarting the engine. Normally, using one engine to start another engine often causes the engine computer system to be damaged or return the original records to Zero because of the instant risk and fall of voltage.
    • The automatic control circuit of the product will automatically power-off the fully charged Super-Mini-Booster, which will increase the life span of the product. The product can be charged at any time, and long time charging will not damage the product.
    • The Super-Mini-Booster is equipped with plastic protectors and is shortcircuit proof. This latest version of the Super-Mini-Booster is placed in an extra plastic protection case. The cables are also longer and thicker.
    • The product is provided with two powerful LEDs to illuminate the dark.

    New features:

    • 2 ON/OFF Switches
    • Voltage meter
    • 2 USB ports
    • 12V DC jack output hole + cable with cigarette lighter socket output
    • 12V DC charger
    • 2 clamps covers to avoid any possible short circuit

    The Super MiniBooster comes with an AC 100 – 240V-12V Charging Adaptor for use at Home Workshop and a DC 12V Charger is supplied to charge the Super MiniBooster from your car, boat, 4×4 or motor home via the cigarette lighter 12V power take off; therefore, your Super MiniBooster is on charge while you travel anywhere and is fully charged ready for use at any time. The 12V DC Jack 2.1mm Output with one 12V DC Output Cable has multiple uses from charging your mobile phone, run a spot light, portable 12V air compressor, boil a 12V kettle, run a 12V hair dryer, 12V DVD players. Via a DC 12V to AC 240V inverter, you can charge your notebook batterry – the Super MiniBooster has multiple uses.

  2. Technical info
    Dimensions 121 cm (length) x 17.5 cm (Width) x 15.2 cm (Height)
    Weight 5.2 kgs
    Digital Meter Display Voltage 3 – 30 Voltage (DC)
    LED lights Two bright LED lights
    A. To light up under hood when connecting Super MiniBooster.
    B. Use as e warning / SOS signal.
    Output 12V (DC) / Max.: 10A & 5V USB / Max;. 2A
    Instant Max. Current 1200 Ampère
    Charging Input (1).AC 100 – 240V Adaptor, 50/60 Hz. UL, CE, PSE
    (2). DC 12V charger
    Rechargeable battery Acid battery DC 12V / 14Ah
    Vehicle range 4/6/V6/V8 Cylinder Petrol vehicles up to 6.5 liter and up to 2.5 liter to 3.0 liter Diesel Vehicles
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