Service charger

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  1. General Details

    Adjustable charger and power supply

    For all types of batteries

    Microcomputer controlled

    Disulphates sulphated batteries

    Technical features

    • Power supply from 0–120 V and 10 A
    • Can save batteries that have been discharged for a long time
    • Freely adjustable voltage limit
    • Freely adjustable current limit
    • Can simulate a battery when fault finding on a charger
    • Assist to start charger when battery is deeply discharged
    • Voltage and current levels to be read from separate clear displays

    Areas of use

    SMP can be used in a battery workshop to disulphate batteries that has been deeply discharged or not charged for a long time. Thanks to the low weight (1.6 kg) and small dimensions it is also very useful in service workshops and by service technicians who works with batteries, chargers and forklift trucks.

  2. Technical info
    Main supply 50–255 V, (50–200 power limited), 45–65 Hz
    Current draw max 4,5 A
    Power factor ~1 (PFC)
    Max. current 10 A
    Max. voltage 120 V
    Max. power 800 W
    Max. ripple out 30 mV RMS
    Efficiency > 86%
    Frequency > 100 kHz
    Cooling Temperaturstyrd fläkt
    Weight 1,6 kg
    Dimensions (X x Y x H) 258 x 136 x 89 mm
    Protection IP20, (Electrically II, with or without earth)
    Cables: One set of laboratory cables is included
    Service chargers 12V/50A, 36V/30A, 54V/20A and 72V/15A are
    also available.
    At least 200 V main supply is needed for full power of 800 W.
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