Discharge capacity tester for 6V & 12V batteries up to 80Ah

  1. General Details

    BAT/48524 is microprocessor device for capacity testing lead-acid 6V and 12V batteries with nominal capacity up to 800Ah (C10) or 1600Ah (C20). It is developed as a consequence of need for small, easy for use, safe, reliable and relatively cheep device for servicing and maintenance of starter, stationary and industrial batteries. BAT/48524 is high frequency dissipative discharger with fine regulation of testing current. It can be used for testing 20 hours capacity C-20 (I=Cn/20, 1.75V per cell) or for reserve capacity testing Rc (I=25A, 1.75V per cell). Discharging current is setting according to battery nominal capacity and test type. It measures, regulates and shows current, voltage, duration and discharged capacity in each second of test. LCD display shows the test flowing and results are stored in flash memory. With software for BAT/48524 it is possible to connect device with PC computer via RS232 serial port. Software gives opportunity of showing discharge graphs (testing) in real time, possibility of reading discharge data in case that device wasn’t connected with PC, printing and storing the results, creating reports etc.


    • Type of voltage converter: dissipative transistor-resistor discharger with analogue-digital regulation of discharging current (12 bit DIA converter);
    • Supply 230V ±10%, 50Hz 30W
    • Nominal input current: 0,5A
    • Instruments: LCD display 2×16 characters, ampermeter 0-50.00A, voltmeter 0-20.00V
    • Cables with Pb plugs: 1=2m, S=6mm2
    • Ambient temperature: 5 do +40°C

    BAT/48524 complies with Directives 89/336/EEC-Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and 2006/95/EC-Low voltage equipment (LVD)…

  2. Technical info
    Discharge current 1-80A, Cn/20 (1600Ah), step 0.5A
    Battery type Un: 6V and 12V; Cn from 10Ah to 800Ah (1600Ah C20)
    Discharging voltage range from 4V to 18V until 1.75V per cell (min. l.3V/Cell)
    Accuracy Better than 3 %
    Resolution 100mA and 20mV (10-bit A/D)
    Current pulsation Up to 0.3A
    Energy circuit MOSFET transistors, power resistor
    Cooling Controlled forced air
    Control characteristic Constant current
    Control variable Current, voltage, capacity Ah, time
    Display LCD display with 2x 16 characters
    Control elements Main switch, START/STOP/RESET/SELECT, SCROLL UP and SCROLL DOWN buttons
    Housing Steel red box
    Dimensions (X x Y x H) 245 x 400 x 160 mm
    Weight 10kg
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