8kW universal cycler

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    AQ-TRON cyclers are the ideal equipment for companies dealing with battery regeneration and maintenance.

    AQ-TRON cyclers are composed of a 160A discharger/tester and an HF Universal battery charger, which can be either the 8 kW or 16 kW version, depending on the battery capacity. AQ-TRON cyclers can be used to:

    • perform automatic charge and discharge cydes
    • desulphate batteries restoring their full efficiency
    • assess the actual capacity of a battery

    The cyclers are programmed independently for the discharge and testing phase and tor the charging phase.

    The cyclers are supplied complete with two software programs, HFView and BL TView, which allow you to:

    • program the BLT unit and the HF battery charger trom your PC
    • download the data of the charge and discharge cycles to your PC
    • display the voltage and current diagrams
    • prepare reports with the results obtained trom the cycles performed, in terms of:
      • actual capacity
      • efficiency
      • maximum end-charge voltage

    The easily settable BLT unit (which can be programmed to perform efficiency tests on Pl-acid, gel, AGM, NiCd or NiMH batteries) and HF Universa! battery charger (which can charge Pl-acid, Gel, AGM, NiCd, NiMH or LiPO batteries), make AQ-TRON cyclers an extremely versatile and universal-use instrument.

  2. Technical info
    Components Box
    BLT 96V 160A 4 – 96V
    2 – 160A
    Battery Charger
    6 – 80V (96V)
    2 – 80A (65A)
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