24V 25A IP66 waterproof high frequency built-in charger

  1. General Details

    Waterproof high requency built-in charger IP66

    • Cooling through fins, CE approval
    • LEDs indicate the charge status and display error messages
    • Modern high frequency technology with microprocessor control
    • Automatic selection of AC input : 90~132Vac or 180~264Vac 50/60Hz
    • Perfect charge curve – constant current / constant voltage (IU1U2oB)
    • Protected against short circuit, reversed polarity, too high and too low AC-voltage, overheating. Without external fuses and with an automatic reset.
    • Control of the charge time and automatic detection of faulty batteries (dV/dt), automatic switch off with faulty cells (18 hours)
    • Start up at very low battery voltage, charging batteries which are deeply discharged (1~2 Vdc)
    • Efficiency > 85%
    • Drive’s safety relay (lock-out) 20A
  2. Technical info
    V dc 24
    Current Dc 25A
    Watt 750
    Lock Closure y
    Curve wet/gel
    Battery capacity: min Ah C20 125
    Battery capacity: max Ah C20 355
    Dimensions (X x Y x H) 196 x 180 x 165 mm
    Kg 5,0 kg
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