12V battery monitor

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    This is a very easy to fit unit that monitors the vehicle’s electrics and alerts the driver via an audible/visual device that the battery is becoming exhausted or that the charging system is becoming faulty. This unit is solid with separate relay/solenoid to suit the application.


    The warning lamp flashes, the buzzer sounds and the load is disconnected when the battery voltage reaches 11,5V. When the battery is replenished and the voltage rises to 13,5V the load is reconnected, the lamp ceases flashing andthe buzzer ceases sounding. When the override switch is operated, the load is connected. However the lamp continues to flash and the buzzer continues to sound. When the ignition is switched on the unit disabled.

  2. Technical info
    Working voltage 12V
    Dimensions (X x Y x H) 94 x 61 x 36 mm
    Weight (kg) 0,70
    Fixing 1 point fixing (5mm hole)
    Accessories available E226 warning lamp
    E024 buzzer (280-12V)
    E691 8 way conector C/W pins
    Relay/control dolenoid to suit
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